Monday, April 11, 2011

Possible Research Questions

Here are the research questions that you all came up with in class last week.  Use these to develop your own ideas for the Drug Company Analysis Report.
  • How does the drug company create knowledge (consumer perception) that confounds government regulation?
  • What products have such strong advertising that it defines the product (e.g., Band Aids for bandages)?
  • What ethnic groups are targeted (if any) in the advertising of the company/drug/product?
  • Does your product/company/drug have a social media presence?
  • How do magazines ads and TV commercials benefit consumers?
  • What are the long-term effects on Accutane on teenagers?  Or, Rogaine on balding men and women?
  • How do companies claim ownership of drugs or innovations in care?
  • How do companies make an effort to put forth information for better health practices or innitiatives?
  • What ages are targeted for certain products?
  • How have legal actions change before and after conflicts?
  • How is a company targeting children?  Mothers and fathers?  How safe are children's products for children?
  • How are gender stereotypes reinforced by the advertising of the company's products?
  • How does Pfizer target women of different cultures in their advertisements for Zoloft?
  • How do advertisements "inform" the audience and what important information is left out?  What must be included in ads?  What is allowed to be left out?  For examples, ads for Lunesta that do not mention it is possible to become dependent on?
  • What is the company's level of accountability for their products?
  • How does the company target men and women?  Does this mean they discriminate and cause themselves legal issues?

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